Our Programs

Monetary donations are 100% tax deductible. Project Beautiful Me (PBM) is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization.  We use our funding to offset prom related expenses to give each girl a beautiful experience, for our mentorship programs, and college tours expenses. You can even choose which program you wish to donate to. Our programs include:


Project Beautiful Me developed a mentoring program because it guarantees a young girl that there is someone who cares about them especially when dealing with many of the issues they face today. We provide workshops for girls ages 12-17 by promoting and supporting healthy decision-making. Our workshops are designed to educate, equip and inspire young girls to become successful. Our goal is to teach them to love, honor, and esteem themselves.

Beautiful Me:

In just a few months, high school juniors and seniors will come together for one of the most anticipated nights of their high school career, their prom.  With the current economic state, increased unemployment and rising costs associated with prom, many young girls are affected and many not attend prom. We believe that every girl deserves the chance to attend and wear that one special dress on the night of her high school prom.

This program was designed to help drive donations fro prom dresses, special occasion wear, and accessories to help make it possible for local high school girls to enjoy their prom.  In addition PBM will have a day of pamper for selected young girls, where they will get dolled up before their prom. The following fun and exciting day will provide a unique opportunity for the girls to soar:

Motivational presentations by trusted females and business professionals in the community

  1. Self Expression
  2. My Body and Image
  3. Style tips for prom night
  4. Team Building Social Lounges
  5. Hairstyling and make-up by industry professionals

Eligible participants must:

  1. At least be 15-17 years old
  2. Currently a Senior in High School
  3. Complete workshops and write and submit a 350-word essay
  4. Candidates are considered by referrals

College Tours:

In our communities’ at-risk high school girls from low-income families are always evaluating what role they will play in regards to higher education and how education will play a part in their future.  For these girls/students and their families the decision to attend college can be a financial and social hurdle.  Project Beautiful Me’s goal is to give these girls an opportunity to see college life first hand an envision themselves as college students.

Many do not have time or resources to travel and visit college campuses so it becomes a dream unfulfilled. Especially when statistics show that over a lifetime, having a college degree will improve an individuals earning potential and quality of life by more than twice that of high school graduates.  This is an amazing program that is meaningful on so many levels. Your participation would allow us to take a group of girls to several colleges to get an ultimate experience with meals, housing, and support needed throughout the trip.