About Us

CDFord_smallCandace Ford is the wife of retired NBA player TJ Ford. She is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, dedicated wife, and mother to TJ Jr., Peyton, and Austin Ford. Candace was born in Beaumont, Texas but now resides in Houston, Texas. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and has a Masters in Economic Development. She is also a member of Behind the Bench, The National Basketball Wives Association, which raises money and devotes time to charities on a local and national level through heightened public social awareness. As a female, and having faced many of the issues that young women face today, Candace decided her mission should be to help young girls improve their quality of life. Her focus is to create “an environment” that is inclusive of young women in all communities to ensure they lead purposeful, active, healthy and responsible lives.

Candace was President of My Inc. Foundation (My Innocence Never Compromised), 2008-2010, which served to improve the quality of life for inner city girls by providing programs that stimulate their social, physical, intellectual, and moral development.

Candace and her husband created the TJ Ford Basketball Foundation in 2010 to make an impact on young boys and girls by giving back to their community with the goal of helping participants achieve their academic, personal, and civil goals. The TJ Ford Program firmly believes that education is the driving force to help children reach the goal of being productive individuals. The program is not solely based on basketball; it is one that promotes academics and positive attitudes.

In 2011, Candace founded Project Beautiful Me to create a platform for young girls to focus on their inner beauty. Giving back is her passion. She is committed to helping young girls in the Houston, Beaumont and surrounding communities realize their potential, find their ambition, discover new possibilities within themselves, and approach life’s challenges with fierce determination. “When I created Project Beautiful Me, I knew that my ultimate goal would be to initiate change for young girls. I feel that every girl is unique and has different strengths that are not always showcased. I feel so passionate about introducing them to opportunities to discover, experiment, and participate in activities and events that they may not typically be able to, due to financial or personal constraints. It’s all about believing in themselves, being beautiful inside and out and being confident in their own skin.”